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Find Out The Reasons Why You Should Watch Alcatraz On FOX TV!

Alcatraz was not just an well known jail due to the fact it had been constructed on the isle, it was a horribly cruel destination, exactly where some one of the most worst criminals ever have been handled just like the worst scum!

So if you took a trip to San Francisco and went to see this famous prison, than you should be very surprised to see a breaking news on TV, that some of the most famous criminals from the Alcatraz time, are back on the streets and rob the bank. As this is hard to imagine, this is actually the subject of Alcatraz TV Show.

This science fiction television series is created by JJ Abrams, Elizabeth Sarnoff, Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt with Sarah Jones, Jorge Garcia, Sam Neill and Parminder Nagra in main casts.

The show is about mysterious disappearance of prisoners together with guards, which happen to be some fifty years in back and their reappearance in these days.


The day of Alcatraz TV Show gets on air, is coming closer. If You still have doubts should you or should you not watch this new series, here we present some facts about it.

  • Alcatraz is produced by the same producers as TV Show Lost, J.J. Abrams and Elizabeth Sarnoff
  • You can join Alcatraz Facebook Fan Page and follow up the latest news.
  • Unacceptable and unpredictable situations will make you watch show without blink of an eye!
  • Visualize Al Capone on San Francisco streets in 21th century, unthinkable and frightening.
  • You'll be a part of solving the mystery on how it is possible that all Alcatraz prisoners disappear right before it is closed!?
  • With this new show, you'll be able to find out and earn more about the Alcatraz prison!
  • If you miss any episode, you'll be able to watch Alcatraz Online
  • For cases of being lost or confused, you'll be able to find Alcatraz episode guide to guide you through your new favorite show.

AlcatrazHaving all these facts in mind, you can see that if you are a kind of person that likes historical happenings with a bit of modern everyday touch, you'll gonna like Alcatraz.

Your creative imagination will be able to get crazy using the chances with the things can happen or who actually could be walking totally free in the today's San Francisco .

Time for you to pullup couch, for one hour of getting into the world of intrigue and “what ifs”, with Alcatraz.  

watch alcatraz online
When the new year come and FOX TV finally release Alcatraz on TV, this will be great occasion to gather you with your friends and make a good conversation of what had happen and what could happen.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Prepare For Alcatraz TV Show - FOX TV 2012

Alcatraz TV Show
The most popular prison in the world, Alcatraz in San Francisco, was a unavoidable spot for many tourists. If you thought to take a few days off and go to see Alcatraz, you don't have to do that.

An excellent TV show on FOX TV is preparing to blow you up! Alcatraz will be arriving at your home in 2012 on your TV.

The show that will make you watch it without a blink of an eye, just like you are inside the prison watching the abandoned cells!

You probably already know something about this famous prison, however we would like to point some facts from history. Thirty years Alcatraz was hosting the most extreme kind of criminals. Prison cells were full from early '30 until '63 when it was closed, during this time the worst of the worst were imprisoned.

The location of this prison is main reason why it was so secure. The walls of the jail together with guards on the walls, together with island on which is placed, and on the and, together with cold water it is surrounded this place was secured as the polar bear. Of course there were attempts for running away, if I can say it like that, however, none of them has finished with happy and for their organizer. In history it is recorded that three prisoners found their way through walls, but they never reached the land, since they drown in the water.

Alcatraz Episode Guide

Having all this in mind, it is not hard to conclude that life inside of the walls was nothing else then nolife. While Alcatraz was final destination to its household in the real life, this will not be the case in Alcatraz TV Show.

The people who were producing this show didn't like the real life story, so what are they bringing to us is an thriller twist which will plant us in a chairs! The whole bunch of hard core criminals escaping the prison in a single day! Wow...

Alcatraz Episode Guide
Rebeca Madsen - Sarah Jones - is detective who is working on murder subject. Her job gets complicated when she discovered that evidence she's collecting are leading to the murder done by an long time dad Alcatraz prisoner. It maybe would not be so surprising if this guy 50 years later doesn't look exact the same.

Dr. Diego Soto (Jorge Garcia), is a comic strip nerd and an Alcatraz expert who will help Rebeca on her case. They two together will face to some astonishing mystery during investigation.

During their investigation, Rebeca and Diego found an negative attitude from other agent, Emerson, who was there to discourage them. At the moment when he is up to make decision to enroll in their case, the two of them come to the conclusion that Emerson sabotage the investigation by trying to hide crucial information for the case, which makes them become even more suspicious about him!

More complicated scenario waits Rebeca in a family garden, where she discovers the family truth which was hidden from her by previous Alcatraz guards, her uncle and granddad. With this new occasion, Rebeca falling in personal conflict as she has to hide this from her boyfriend!

Alcatraz Episode GuideThe names of producers Alcatraz TV Show, such are J. J. Abrams and Elizabeth Sarnoff (for those who didn't know they produces TV Series 'Lost'), promises another great TV Show. With Alcatraz TV Show, FOX will certainly raise their already high reputation, and the approaching year will be a Fox TV year!

We recommend this link if you wish to find Alcatraz episode guide. Also we will provide you with links to watch Alcatraz online.